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The Next-Generation Escape Room Game continues from anywhere in the world-- virtually!


Register to PLAY and SOLVE the mystery of "escape.exe" today!
- Play virtually from almost anywhere! (as long as you have an internet connection)
- Play on your laptop! (our experiences require some computing power-- we are currently looking at mobile deployment)
- Your favorite escape room experience in an all new digital / virtual format!
- VOID takes you on a journey to the discover the events that occurred before the incident at  "SITE: 117". 




Uncover the events before "SITE: 117" by playing through the stories of "escape.exe" or "The Resistance".

Play as: "escape.exe" (COMING SOON)
- Aid "escape.exe" in saving the world from certain, astronomical doom

- Discover GAVIN's origins

Play as: "The Resistance"
- Uncover the leader of The Resistance's past
- Unravel the game "escape.exe" is playing

The "Butterfly Effect" Virtual Escape Room Video Game

The "Butterfly Effect" is an interactive, 3D Point and Click adventure, which runs natively in an internet browser.


Play as *CLASSIFIED* and escape this unusual prison in a surreal, interactive experience.


GAME TYPE: Fully 3D Point and Click
GENRE: Adventure / Mystery / Puzzle
DIFFICULTY: Intermediate to Advanced
TIME: No Time Limit (Average Completion 60-120 Minutes)

PLAYERS: 1-4 (Recommended)

Play an example of our interactive WebGL 3D environment which runs natively in an internet browser.


Check out The "Warehouse" on your
computer, laptop, or mobile device

The "Butterfly Effect" Virtual Escape Room Video Game
VOID Team Building

Utilizing our virtual escape room experience, you and your team can work together to analyze, communicate, and solve problems / deliver solutions.


Come together as a group and leave as a team.