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The “Butterfly Effect” (EARLY ACCESS)

(4 customer reviews)


PERSPECTIVE: The Resistance

GAME TYPE: Fully 3D Point and Click

GENRE: Adventure / Mystery / Puzzle

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate to Advanced

TIME: No Time Limit (Average Completion 60-120 Minutes)

PLAYERS: 1 - 4 Recommended


Play as *CLASSIFIED* and escape this surreal prison in an interactive cinematic experience.


The "Butterfly Effect" is an interactive, 3D Point and Click adventure, which runs natively in an internet browser.


Be sure to grab a pen and paper to take notes or take notes on a digital device!
Players will need to keep track of their inventory.


Recommended System Requirements:

- Desktop or laptop computer 

-- 8GB RAM

- Google Chrome Web Browser (get Google Chrome)

-- This game was designed for, developed in, and tested with Google Chrome. Using another browser is not recommended.

Mobile System Requirements:

- Mobile is supported.

-- Mobile platforms have only been tested in landscape and vertical orientations, we recommend playing on a larger screen.

What we tested:

- iPhone XS Max (Chrome Browser)

-- iOS 13.6 and iOS 14.0 Beta 2

- iPhone 11 Pro Max (Chrome Browser)

-- iOS 13.6

- Samsung Galaxy S9 (Chrome Browser)

- iPad 7th Generation (Chrome Browser)

-- iPadOS 13.6 and iPadOS 14.0 Beta 2

- 2011 MacBook Pro i7 (Chrome Browser)

- Custom PC (i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, Chrome Browser)


- An Internet Connect is REQUIRED

- Game runs in your browser

- Data charges may apply 

- Game is streamed to your device

- Loading time is affected by internet connection speed

- A account is required to play


Q: Can I play with my friends/family remotely?
A: Yes! Only 1 copy of the game is needed. The person who purchased the game will need a screen sharing app, like Discord or Zoom.

Q: How do I play with friends/family in-person?
A: One purchase is required per team. Assign one person to navigating the 3D space and then use your combined smarts to conquer The "Butterfly Effect".

Q: Do I need to buy 1 copy of the game per player?
A: If you want to race each other to the end or if you want to work together and control your own screen. Note: Games will not sync to each other!

Q: Does my game save if I close the browser?
A: No, the game will not save if you close the browser. We recommend grabbing a pen and paper to write down your progress and to take notes!








4 reviews for The "Butterfly Effect" (EARLY ACCESS)

  1. Cmuno (verified owner)

    Most fun and unique game in this category that i have played. I really like how there are minigames you play in addition to the main game in order to make progress. My favorite thing about the game is that the challenges faced are replicated to the same level as a real physical escape room – it almost feels like the real deal, the closest virtual thing to a real escape room I’ve seen. So sick.

  2. mexipino (verified owner)

    I have played a few “escape rooms” online; however, unlike the ones I’ve done before, this one definitely took some thinking to complete. I escaped from other escape rooms in person and, for the price, I was able to get my money’s worth for the “Butterfly Effect”. The controls took some getting used to, so make sure to read through the instructions in the beginning! It took me about ~60 minutes to complete on my own, but if you get a couple friends together in zoom, in discord, or find some family members to tackle this thought provoking game, it can make for a good group activity. Also, I would recommend getting something to take down some notes. I definitely needed a pen and paper to organize and gather my thoughts. Overall, I enjoyed myself, just like at their physical location. I enjoyed that it took a considerable amount of brain power and I would recommend it to someone looking for some challenging puzzles, clever riddles, and a fun time.

  3. JLynn943 (verified owner)

    I had never done a virtual escape room prior to The Butterfly Effect, but having completed and thoroughly enjoying Escape.exe’s Site: 117 escape room, I was excited to give this a try. I played through it on my laptop (in Google Chrome and with no technical issues), and like the previous reviewer, I definitely recommend having a pen and paper handy. Just like a physical escape room, you explore the room and find clues and pieces of story that help you figure out how to progress. Without giving anything away, there were a lot of really cool elements that really take advantage of the virtual format. I was very happy with the experience and highly recommend it to anyone who likes solving puzzles, escape rooms, or even just wants a cool, unique experience. Enjoy!

  4. Terminusamc (verified owner)

    I played it on my laptop and it was awesome. I had to grab pen and paper. Cool story and so much fun.

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